Vatos defense falls short

Vatos started with two runs in the first inning. The first on a wild pitch the second on a sacrifice fly from Weedz. With 6 runs in the second inning, 2 batted in by Daniel, 2 batted in by Weedz and one batted in by the Hammer, the score was 8 nothing. ┬áBut Frogs kept […]


Vatos bats come alive

In the beautiful stadium of RCH Vatos played a nice game under the lights. Melle threw one hell of a game on the mound. Vatos played allright in the field, but failed to push through. Final Score RCH 15 – Vatos 13


Bears can swim

The first competition game is against the bears from Bergen. Always a good team to play against. Always strong batters. Game was stopped due to heavy rain. After 7 inning the field was not ment to be played on. Ump ended it. Final score: Vatos 7 – Bears 12.


Practicegame aka mini tournament North Stars

Hello Sunshine! It was a beautiful day for baseball this sunday! And somebody had said in a distant past; ‘Let’s play more than one game!’ ‘Yes, of course!’ ‘But it’s easter so let’s start a little early.’ ‘Why not?!’ We tried out some new stuff. We finally hit the ball after some innings and our […]