Vatos defense falls short


Vatos started with two runs in the first inning. The first on a wild pitch the second on a sacrifice fly from Weedz. With 6 runs in the second inning, 2 batted in by Daniel, 2 batted in by Weedz and one batted in by the Hammer, the score was 8 nothing.  But Frogs kept their cool and simply replaced the pitcher. With the hammer failing to hit it on the nail as a pitcher he was replaced by Weedz in the fifth inning with runners on the corner. Weedz tried to stop the Frogs jumping all over the bases but good hitting from the Zaandam team kept them going. As well as some poor decisions in the field. Vatos never really got a grip on the new pitcher although they almost made a comeback in the ninth.

Final thought; Marcel has made his first appearance in the dugout this year:)


Final Score: Odiz Frogs 20 – Vatos 13



If you want to listen to the radio reporter who was there during the game. Here’s the link.

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