9 juli: Ultimate Biffball!

Hey there!

Will you be joining us on July 9 for Ultimate Biffball’s Comic Con edition? Yes that’s right, Comic convention, we’re going fantasy science fiction this year, so team up your Hulk Busters, Manga friends or Stormtroopers and compete for the Ultimate Biffbowl 2016!

Please let us know if your team will join and which, what or who you’ll represent. Team colors are recommended, creative outfits highly appreciated. Best dressed team wins a prize!

Hope to see you the 9th!

Biffball 2016 Comic con

Ultimate whatball?

Long story, but in essence it’s slow pitch softball with a twist; the ultimate slow-pitch softball tournament for all that want to give it a try. As an Amsterdam based baseball club, Vatos have been organizing an annual slow pitch softball tournament. Anybody can play. It’s all about enjoying the sport in a friendly atmosphere. We try to make teams equally strong by asking experienced players to hit opposite side. We consider the team that has most fun the biggest winner.

What can you expect?

For people who have no idea how to throw a ball or in case you have been bragging to others about skills you don’t have, there will be the opportunity to practice a bit before the games start under the guidance of our most skilled coaches, at that time still sober and willing to share all kinds of useful information. The field will be open at 10:00, game time is at 12:00. There is place for nine teams that will be divided in three pools. Each team will play two games of 45 minutes and will then move to a next pool: a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place pool. There you will play another two games, so four in total. No worries if your team sucks because food, drinks, music and games are present all day. The fun will keep on going after the games end, we’ll pull the plug around midnight.

What do you need?

Basic sport gear will do. The fields have a base of gravel and grass. Sneakers, soccer shoes will do fine. For safety reasons please don’t bring spikes (baseball shoes). Showers are present so you might want to bring a towel and some clean clothes. Bring an extra sweater in case it gets cold. Bats, balls and gloves are provided, in case you want to bring your own feel free to do so. Your team needs to bring outfits to play in. You are free to decide how much effort you put in. Team colors are recommended, creative outfits highly appreciated and the best dressed team wins a price.

How do you get there?

Ultimate Biffball is organized by baseball club TIW-Survivors in Diemen (www.tiw-survivors.nl). The field is near the end stop of tram 9. In case you come by car, there is sufficient parking place in front of the club.

What are the costs?  

10 Euro registration fee per player. Each team, minimally 9 players, the team lead is responsible for collecting and handing over the registration fee for the whole team. Preferably transfer the registration fee in advance of game day to account NL61 RABO 0109 1658 61, HSV Vatos, Amsterdam.


Event: Ultimate Biffball’s Comic Con

Date: July 9 2016

Time: field open 10:00, game time 12:00, end time 24:00

Location: TIW Survivors, Sportlaan 9, 1111 PC Diemen

Costs: 10 Euro PP (NL61 RABO 0109 1658 61, HSV Vatos, Amsterdam)

Contact: biffball@vatos.nl or Melle de Boer 0648280105

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